McInnis’ Kitchen   combine songs

that tell the stories of the people, their

 lives and the sea, along with fiddle music 

based in traditional dance. The energy these

musicians project in their performances is founded

in their own kitchen music roots & cultural upbringing.

The Musicians

Mark Boggie (fiddle) is steeped in Irish and New England-style traditional fiddle music and has performed in the US, Canada and Europe. He has also composed  a number of popular original traditional fiddle tunes.

Chuck Butler (fiddle/button accordion) has a family upbringing in Irish fiddle music from Donegal Ireland and has performed in the US and Canada and has collaborated with numerous performers in his career.

Jim Ofsthun (vocals/guitar/bodhrán/whistles) is a talented performer and music producer with performance experience in the US and Canada. His rich vocals and his multi-instrumental talents are his trademark.

Sue Spencer (vocals/guitar/button accordion) has an upbringing in Irish Newfoundland music  and is known for her heartfelt songs with her magnetic stage presence in performances around the US and Canada. 

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