About McInnis’ Kitchen

McInnis’ Kitchen offers a fresh, energetic sound that is unique in the way it interprets traditional music. This sound does not come from a formula, or a conscious process of emulation, but is a result of the living trad music process and what happens when various traditional players bring their own varied cultural mix together to make music.


We’re not sure how they make it work, but the results of that process have been captivating audiences and earning them a following everywhere McInnis’ Kitchen performs. In the past Donegal players learned Scottish tunes in the bothy camps of Scotland and put their own turn on them once back home, thus influencing Donegal music. Irish immigrants to Newfoundland reshaped their own traditional music with influences from the other cultures in Newfoundland and created their own unique sound, McInnis’ Kitchen has evolved a uniquely different sound that reveals those same sort of trad music processes at work.


When these four musicians with Scottish, Irish, Maritimes and Newfoundland influences began playing music together, the blending process revealed what would become the trademark sound of McInnis’ Kitchen. Each performer brought proud traditions honed from kitchen music and sessions, family tradition, and the fun that goes with those settings and have successfully preserved that good-times feel to their music and performances.


McInnis’ Kitchen combines the vocal talents of members Sue Spencer and Jim Ofsthun with the fiery double-fiddle style fiddlers Mark Monroe and Chuck Butler. The driving rhythmic music is performed on fiddle, guitar, bodhran, button accordion and whistle. The songs often tell the stories of the people, their journeys and the sea. The energy and fun these musicians project in their performances attest to their own kitchen music roots and cultural upbringing.

McInnis’ Kitchen features

four talented musicians:


Sue Spencer

 guitar, vocals, button accordion


Jim Ofsthun

bodhrán, vocals, whistle,

guitar, button accordion


Mark Monroe



Chuck Butler

fiddle, button accordion

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